Global EIR Handbook

Want to set up a Global EIR program at your local university? Here's how!

University Guidebook

A top-level introduction to the Global EIR framework for universities considering setting up their own program


Founder Guidebook

A top-level introduction to the Global EIR framework for founders who have visa issues


Global EIR Applicant Timeline

An operational overview of the Global EIR process and what founders should expect as they move through the Global EIR pipeline, as prepared by our flagship program at the Venture Development Center of the University of Massachusetts, Boston


Job Creation Analysis: Release the Gusher

Analysis of the projected job creation and economic development impact of the Global EIR program, as prepared by the Global EIR Boston team


Global EIR legal foundation

The Global EIR program is made possible by a innovative combination of well-established immigration processes, specifically built around the H-1B cap exemption granted to universities in 2006 in combination with the more recent widespread creation of university centers for entrepreneurship.


Global EIR legal framework

Building on top of the foundation created by existing immigration law, Global EIR offers two tracks for universities to establish partnerships with founders and their startups—either a direct employment by the university or associating a startup with the university where the founder is employed by the startup at the university. In both cases, the founder’s employment and affiliated with the university center for entrepreneurship advances the university’s core mission, in this case educating students in entrepreneurship.