Craig Montuori, Executive Director

Craig is the cofounder and executive director of the Global EIR Coalition. A former Caltech rocket engineer, he decided that fixing problems for startups through the political process was more fun and a bigger set of problems to solve.


Christopher Nicholson, Head of Strategy

Chris is the cofounder of Global EIR Coalition and the head of strategy. He has a background in political science, elections, and programming.

Chrissy Sollenberger, Director of Development

Chrissy’s career spans local, national, and international. Her experience includes strategic messaging, corporate volunteer engagement, sustainable revenue generation, and fundraising from annual funds to major gifts. Since joining Global EIR, Chrissy has been inspired by so many passionate donors that want to make an impact for immigrant startup founders, university ecosystems, and economic development in communities nationally. The momentum of Global EIR donors continues to attract more champions for the mission to enable immigrant founders to continue to see the U.S. as the best place to do business and create American jobs.


Sam Schanfarber, Program Coordinator

Sam leads Global EIR program launches at universities around the country and provides them operational support. He has a background in industrial design consulting and journalism.